My trail of thought

Here you’ll find my trail of thought. Which spans from my personal experience and relationships. I will try to do my best job to pour out my emotions to you.
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I am finally getting to a point where idagf anymore about my job. I will keep doing my job as best as I can because of our clients but nothing more. …
I dread about my work. I feel done.
alone but not
One thing that really sucks after you fight with the person you love the most is that you don't communicate after a fight.. sure.. we'll talk but not communicate.. it gets …
I am sorry if I hurted you by saying something stupid. I am.. .. I am sorry for saying it. I did realize it immeadetly what I said was wrong.. .. …

It is not length of life, but depth of life

Ralph Waldo Emerson
30th – Time to relax
So today has been a good day all over. I didn't sleep optimal but it was still a good day. I feel work is going better – I even got …
29th – Conservative
Recently I bought myself a gift. A tablet. I love it so far ! I downloaded "amazon kindle" app and finally started reading again. I like to read but I …
28th – Normality
Adjusting back to 'normality' after visiting Cypress in US has been hard on me. Emotionally speaking. I miss her so much already.. I am feeling generally OK, didn't sleep much …
19th – Fights in relationship and the aftermath
For the 19th I talk about me and Cypress and our fight from yesterday, the aftermath of it but also our struggle in our relationship.
18th – Knife stabbed to the heart
Yesterday my heart got stabbed by a knife.

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2 thoughts on “My trail of thought

  1. Hello Friends, I am new character in blog writing. I am here to share some motivational thoughts with you. Friends our life is not a race so don’t run behind the success , Be enough capable that success run behind you. I am a school boy so when I enter in my classroom every morning I see that everybody running in the race , running behind the success. Nobody interested to know something new. They only run behind the success. They only want to earn money and study to get job not to gain knowledge. We should welcome every morning as new and fresh morning of life. We should start every day as new day. At the end I stop my words with a Quote that “Live the Life don’t spend it”.

    1. Hello, Gourav! I 100% agree with you thoughts. Too many people let success define who they are instead of the reverse today. That’s unfortunate for many people which will be stuck in the race.

      Have a good weekend,

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