But I make it pretty good until that moon comes shining through
And then I get so doggone lonesome

Johnny Cash

Oh, my dear. Can’t you see how much I have looked forward for tonight? It was suppose to be our hightlight of the day/night I thought. You’re always the highlight of of my day..

Can’t you see? I want to talk with you & spend time together, but if you’re not ready or don’t have the time available for me then don’t invite me in the first place. Where I just get one-word responses and even no answers for over one hour, while you’re doing your thing. I devoted the time, plain and simply, for you. If you can’t spend the time with me – then don’t. I am telling you, if you cannot give your attention to me when I am giving mine to yours; then don’t let us talk. Work rather on your thing. Let us interact when we as a couple give our full attention to the other one. Because both of us deserves that. I sat there. Feeling like air. Non-existing. That’s not a nice feeling. Gosh.. The tears falling down and my nose is running. The time goes on .. and it gets lonely.

Maybe I am asking for too much. Maybe I am. But please, don’t let this repeat itself again. It was a sad and hurtful experience for my heart. =/

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