I realized later on when I wrote the “11th” I was writing in pure emotions, whereas I maybe come off as too hard / harsh. Etc. I am not happy with that behavior from my side, but I have to admit that – I am glad I still wrote out my feelings; I expressed them. That was necessary. If I was holding them in – it will just build up within me and over time … I will explode. I am happy that I got it out.

So, about today. I woke up, worked, and worked out. Just had dinner. Had a very ok+ day. Work is work (Routine), but I reached my goal with running today (6K in 30min) – which I have been aiming for a while now. Very happy with that 😀 Else…

It’s nothing else that goes thru’ my mind. I am happy and proud of myself given my progress in running. Internally, I feel good. I do. Nothing bothers me. Hoping to talk to Cypress later today if she’s available for me. That will be my highlight of today.

I am feeling happy but very calm as well. Happy 🙂

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