29th – Conservative

Recently I bought myself a gift. A tablet. I love it so far ! I downloaded “amazon kindle” app and finally started reading again. I like to read but I have to say, to buy a book and wait for it to be shipped etc., Sort of kill the joy – what I love is that I can instantly start reading =) The first book bought was ” The Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater. I like the book so far; It’s basically the “Bible” for the conservative movement that eventually led to Ronald Reagan.

It’s interesting to read because I live in a social democratic country (Norway) and those ‘conservative’ politics, views etc. Is not very ‘big’ here.

Else, I am feeling very good. I slept well. Talked to Cypress yesterday. Today I am going to run and after that (Hopefully) talk to Cypress until I am going to the cinema later today (Ford V Ferrari). Much to look forward to! Enjoy your day.

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