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When should couples get back together after a break? Say that you’re in a relationship and you love your partner with your whole heart but past experience in the same relationship have made it troublesome for both parties involved. Where one person might have developed trust issues whereas the other one feel that they’re giving everything of themselves. They decide that they still want to be together because they love each other unconditionally. It’s in their both interest that this relationship works out.

So, they decide to take a break. They do it because right now it’s too much pain and sorrow in the relationship. In the current state, both have developed scars from their relationship.

Seconds fly, minutes pass, hours go and suddently it’s past bedtime and you’re laying in your bed. With a tear on your cheek. Reflecting about what went wrong & how we can change so we will function.

Until now, I have given some context to my question. It’s about a couple that wants to be together, but are in pain and hence decide to take a break; to fix their issues but also to come back together as better persons. Bear in mind that I am not thinking about reasons of why people are getting back together after a break. Which is a completly different question.

Time has passed, and the couple wonder if they’re ready to go back together after the break. Before this step even happen, both people must understand why they had a break in the first place. If you cannot answer that question – then it’s not the right time to get back together. At all.

But say that both figured that one out easy peasy. So, what’s the plan now? This is great! Both people figured out why the break even happend. They have a mutual understand of where the problem was. Now, the real work starts. Both people need to sit down and address the issues. As a couple you should dicuss this in one specific way; past – present – future. “Past” is about what turned out wrong in this relationship, “present” is about your feelings towards the partner, and “future” is about your future together.

Moving towards the end now, I want to specify one thing. It’s important to give time a chance. The one factor you cannot control but can make the best out of it. Make time your best friend and hopefully after X time you and your partner are back together after the break.

Getting back together after a break is often rushed because both are anxious and insecure about 1) Themselves, 2) Their partner, and 3) Their future. You should get back together when you feel ready for it but don’t rush it. It lead to more harm than good.

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