Ahh, I’ve already written 4 posts. This is my 5th post. I always liked number 5. In the past blog posts I’ve written about love, relationship, and my past experience. To make sure that I won’t feel emotional today I decided to express my thought about work but also life within work.

Most people in today’s society work. We wake up early in the morning, have black coffee and egg & bacon for breakfest. We are stressing ourself to get to work at the same time. Traffic may be a jam or you missed the bus. Finally, you arrvive your office. You maybe have picture of your dear ones in it or a silly thing that makes you smile or maybe a coffe cup of your favorite sport team. You greet your work colleges with a smile even the person(s) you don’t like. You finally are at your desk and start your day. Time flies but at the same time it stand still. Maybe you have something to look forward to post-work e.g. Seeing your family, friends, partner or a crossfit workout. Who knows – but that’s life after your workday. In the mean time, you’re working to make other people richer.

Work can be stressing. As an accounting associate I know that. It’s time where I am out of breath and experience a high degree of anxiety related to work. It has gotten better over time, it has. You get used to it, but you never manage it. Also, most important for us who live from paycheck to paycheck we get our salary at the start of the month. A man-made concept which describe how much we worked the past month but not how well we managed our work tasks.

Happiness and work seems to be very distant from each other for most people where most people use work to fund their own happiness. How can you make sure that you stay happy – even at work?

Happiness should (Must) come from within. You shouldn’t be in a position where your happiness is determined by others (Read superiors). The first obvious thing to stay happy at work is you like what you’re doing. You are interested in the field you’re currently working in. Maybe your current position isn’t fullfilling but in the long term you will thank yourself for staying at that job. Most things are hard to see and as always it’s easier to see things in retro-perspective. That’s how it is often when you look back. You picked up a few skills to excel your dream job but also learned what you like/dislike in a professional setting.

Thru’ out the day we interact with many people. Relationships may come and go, but the people you work with are more constant (In my experience) as well as clients. One key aspect to thrive at your workplace is having a good relationships with your colleges, clients, and superiors. Of course, you won’t be able to have a good relationship to everyone. That’s just life, but I am talking about in a general setting. The foundation of a good relationship in your professional life isn’t as different as in your personal life. It all boils down to be honest, trustworthy and supportive. You might show this in a different way at work but the foundation is the same.

But hey, so far we have just talked about 1) You should thrive in what you’re doing and 2) the importance of having good work relationship. However, people today often lack one of these two ingredients (Or in some case both!). That’s not your problem. You have done what you can now. You can’t force the work to change nor the people around you. It’s always an exit. If you’re still miserable at work then something must change. Here, you have many different options. You can leave your work, start a side-hustle etc. But isn’t that risky or scary? You might think that it it isn’t that bad at work. The problem is you etc. That’s wrong and very damaging to think. These actions will eventually be necessary to carry out because life is too short to not feel satisfied at work. It is as simple as that. Money is everything but at the same time not. If you’re having a well-paid job but it’s emotionally and mentally draining, then I beg you to quit and find something else to do. Life is too short.

To be happy at work may sound as an outer world experience for some, but as everything in life it is about two things. You must thrive with what you’re doing and form good relationships with the people around you. If that’s not possible, it’s always an exit.

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