Continuing on my last post (8th), I still feel happy and hopeful for the future.

Last nite when I wrote, it was about showing gratitude towards the people around me (Friends, family, and Cypress). I couldn’t feel any better. Today has been a lazy day, it’s the weekend – so I am not planning on doing something as productive as a normal weekday. So far, I’ve been to the gym, ate a whole pizza (My stomach still hurts after it), played Rise of nations with Cypress (When you find yourself a woman who will play your favorite childhood game – then you it’s the one for you :P). I am also planning on watching Real Madrid which starts at 18:30 and after that I will continue talking with Cypress. Today we’re deciding which clothes she’s throwing away – I am really looking forward to that.

It feels “forever” since I have spent quality time or even talked to her. It’s necessary for me. It’s a blessing to have such a wonderful person in my life.

I am not planning to write much at this blog post, but I want to say that … I am still shining. I feel good internally and I sort of feel .. That I coming back to my “old self”. By that I do not mean my toxic behavior but my good mood and high self-esteem about who I am and what I am capable of. I feel my emotional “self” is getting better. Maybe not as before, but I feel something is changing – not rotating back to who I am but towards who I can be. That person I am struggling to live as. I view myself getting closer to that. I feel so happy right now about myself. 🙂

I feel happy. I feel good.

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