Who am I?

To answer the above question, I will divide the answer in two parts. One ‘professional’ part and one ‘personal’ part.

If I was about to run into you on the street or at a network event etc. I would introduce myself as an accountant (I work in public accounting – Yey!). I have obtained a MSc in Finance from a prestigious university in Europe. I am a fitness enthusiast and like to learn new things every day.

If you where about to ask me in a personal setting, I would have a harder time answer it. I am a walking contradiction – I am simplification at its finest but also a complex human being. My emotions thru’ out the day varies from happiness, where I simply smile for every snowflake but also saddness for every snowflake whom melts away. I will rage if the food is 5 min late (Especially if I haven’t had my first cup of coffee!). I will cheer out of joy when Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal. Etc. I have many emotions.

This blog is personal. It’s about my thoughts. My personal wellbeing and how I am.

PS: Born and raised in Norway. Sorry for my english!

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