21th – Being successful in life

For the 21th blog post I will write about being succesful in life.

Being successful in life. Easily measured but hard to acknowledge / achieve. If I asked anyone what they define as success the response would probably like “become rich” or excel in your chosen field. It’s easy to measure what success is to people, but it’s hard to acknowledge it – and even harder to achieve it. Hey, you want to become rich? People whom already are defined as “rich” will maybe not identify with that or acknowledge that they are “rich”. Also, how to even achieve that target? Start-up? Real estate? Etc.

I feel success is a “vastly” used word that gets thrown around to define people based on what they have, but not who they are. It’s always about what you have that define your success in life but not who you are! That’s dreadful. Because we only live once – and in that life, yes, I wish you success and you achieve your dreams, I do. But along that road – don’t forget who you are. I am not saying that success will get to your head, but I am saying simply, rather than focus on what you have and don’t have – focus on yourself. It’s not what you have that define what’s success but rather the person you are. Because the person you are, today, is the person who will achieve success.

For me, being successful in life is simple. It’s to be happy. I do not care about how much money I have nor what I have. I focus on me, myself, & I. If I am happy, that’s all I need. Maybe sound small-minded or “too simple”, but that’s my dream and how I measure success.

If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, where you’re working etc. You will never achieve your goals in life. You need to be happy (Don’t confuse it with stability) with what you’re doing – and the rest will come along. Being happy is the greatest form of success.

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