30th – Time to relax

So today has been a good day all over. I didn’t sleep optimal but it was still a good day. I feel work is going better – I even got a raise today that was a surprise to me – which made the day much better =)! Else. It’s the weekend and time to find […]

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29th – Conservative

Recently I bought myself a gift. A tablet. I love it so far ! I downloaded “amazon kindle” app and finally started reading again. I like to read but I have to say, to buy a book and wait for it to be shipped etc., Sort of kill the joy – what I love is […]

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28th – Normality

Adjusting back to ‘normality’ after visiting Cypress in US has been hard on me. Emotionally speaking. I miss her so much already.. I am feeling generally OK, didn’t sleep much last nite & work is stressing. The highligth will be post-work where I am gon watch Ford v Ferrari at the cinema with a buddy […]

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