20th – Heart of gold

Hey, you 🙂 You have a heart of gold. You most certainly do. A heart that has been broken many times but you’re still able to give yourself and your love to others.

How are you able to do that? Giving your time and love to everyone around you. Even if they do not deserve it, you still keep going. That’s a reason why I love you as a person. You have incredible stamina. I’ve never in my life encounter anyone like this. It’s highly motivating to see you. You never give up – and you keep going on. That attitude is highly valued.

As I said in the start, you have a heart of gold. What does that even mean to me? Of course, it strikes positive associations. To have a heart of gold, it means … To be very kind and good nature. People like you are rare. You’re one in a million or as you would say one in 7.53 billion. You’re a treasure hidden deep underground.

You are too precious in this cruel world. This world doesn’t deserve your heart. You’re filled with compassion, kindess, and genuine love. Even when you grow old you’ll still have these traits. I am blessed because I met you and I have tasted your sweet love. I will always thank you for that. Whatever what’s happend to be the last year, you have always been there. Right by my side. You have stayed. You have. I don’t understand why, but you have.

You love me in sunshine and rain. You love me in pain and in comfort. You love me in laughter and pain. You love me even when the only thing left to say is “I am sorry”. Most of all, you love me even when I have hurted you, you’re still able to see the goodness in me.

Cypress, you have a heart of gold. I am blessed to have you in my life. JED.

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