13th – I feel better

I feel better. Today mark my 13th. blog post! Incredible. This has been very good for my progress for my emotional state; just to write out whatever you’re feeling. It’s necessary to pour out your emotions. People think it’s only times when you’re feeling bad/low/sad/hurt is the time you should do it – but you should also do it when you’re feeling happy. Also, you learn much about yourself in this process. I am so far happy with mine.

So far today, I have just been at work. My day is soon done – and I will workout after (Weightlifting). I am really much looking forward to that. I started with a new program now (DUP) which I love so far. It consists of squat, bench press and deadlifts – which suits me perfectly.

Work has been fine. Been very nice so far. A thing that has been special today is that I gave Cypress an ‘interpretion’ of an image that a psychic had sent to her. We had our small differences in that regard – but nothing big. It was quite cool to do it I have to say – even though I do not believe in it. Cypress is working from home today so I am hoping for a call later today. That will, again, be my highlight of the day.

I have not much to say about how I am feeling. I am genereally just feeling good. Very good. I am looking forward to the rest of the day – and it is soon the weekend, which will be awesome. I am feeling hopeful 🙂

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