“Lille juleaften” (The day before Christmas)

So, today was a very good day. Work was nice – I got new clients (5-6 in total), two of them was an ecommerce, which was cool (Sell childern clothes). Else very “regular” firms, like one plumber, real estate developer etc. And one chinese resturant!

Other than that, I had a veeeeeery good workout. I have said it many times before, but I love working out. I really do. So those days I have a very good workout – I am truely satisfied, personally.

I had one of my best friends over for visit, we watched “12 Strong” (On Netflix) – very good movie..

Else.. I am looking forward to work tomorrow, runnin, and spend time with family at night – because it’s Christmas.

Finally, I miss Cypress. Those days we do not really talk because of work .. It’s sad. I miss her beautiful laugher and smile. JED.

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