Long post – finally

So it’s been a time since .. I wrote a long post. I have been busy, much to do, vacation – and given my time to everybody else than me.

So, of course things build up over time. When I was on vacation – I was with one of my best friends, I know him since middle school. Which was weird was two things. 1) I feel we have grown more apart and 2) I have only been on vacays with Cypress, so this was my first “boy trip” since 2016 – and it was nice, but not a success if that make sense.. It made me miss Cypress like hell. More than usual! Not good! Haha.

And of course, that’s fair. People are growing in life and maybe will grow apart, yes, it’s sad – but that’s life. Of course, it wasn’t like a big difference, but I have matured much these last years – and a big thank to that is Cypress. E.g. Those “binge drinking” days is long gone. That isn’t the same for the rest of my friends. If you want to grow – get yourself an older woman, haha. Jk. Or it’s some truth there lol.

Yesterday, I was at a party with my friends, I had 1.5 drink aka nothing. I have to say. After I quitted alcohol, or dimished it nearly completely … It has made me proud over myself but also it has had a lot of positive changes in my life. I am not wasting sundays away, I feel awesome when I wake up! My body and mind feel a lot “fresh”. I am proud of myself.

Cypress had birthday when I was on vacay, which was sad .. I am looking forward to the day we move in together so we can celebrate it “our way” 🙂 Haha. I miss her so much.

This will be the first christmas without “lillepus” (My cat) which is very sad.. I miss her too! She was a beautiful cat. Very much loved. Time is limited – use it wisely. 🙂

Today was the first time in over a week where I went for a run – and it felt amazing! I got new running shoes yesterday and they fitted perfectly.

At the end, it was a rambling post. Little structure. I have been busy. Much has built up. Sorry for that. Haha. Enjoy your day.

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