14th – My happy state got lowered

Today, my happy state got lowered. But before I go into details about that, I describe my day so far and what awaits me after work.

So far, it has been an nice day at work. A lot of bookeeping and reconciliation which is right in my lane. We also managed to make one of our clients digital, which was pretty cool I have to say. Finally 🙂 Haha. After work I am going to run a 6K run and basically just relax.

So, something I haven’t share before is that during 6-7th grade I was actually in special ed. Because, I wasn’t “good enough”. That has always left a ‘scratch’ inside of me. Hence, I do not like to be called an “idiot” – it sort off ‘rips’ up this wound. It does. What’s even more hurting is when people close to me call me it; the lack of respect in that regard is even more hurting rather than be called an idiot in the first place. So yes, a person whose very close to me called me that today. It has lowered my mood for the rest of the day – and I hope I will be better tomorrow. I just don’t get it. Why is it so hard to not. Right?

Anyway, I am not feeling anything else. Just lowered. I hope you all is having a good day. 🙂

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