My mind

Right now I have very much on my mind. I feel it’s stuffed up and I regret not sharing my thoughts earlier. What’s back on my mind is my job, my potential side-income idea, and corona virus which affect me and Cypress.

Let’s break it down in three.

For my job I have gotten way more responsiblity than I am used to lately and that’s affecting my mind. I feel stressed and it’s hard to relax without thinking about work or somethings that I need to do. Everytime I feel I have gotten close to finish XYZ – I get a new work task that’s more urgent than what I am working on. I have a lot on my plate and I need to focus on getting things done. Learn to say “no” to new work. This week I have to do 3 annual reports and one period report. I want to be done by that tomorrow or tuesday…

My side income idea! I want to start trading options and have spent much time now reading up, getting better w/ programming and how to incorporate it. The only thing that I need now is an option agreement that I have waited for since 9. march. I just really want to get started and … Do something I find very interesting…

This coronavirus is sad and many people have died. I know this wasn’t well-written but… What I worry about is how long time it will take until me and Cypress can see each other again. I want to see her again. As soon as possible. I miss her so much.. JED.

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