Today has been a mediocre day.. Slept mediocre, work was mediocre, nervous, worked out, gaming went bad, didn’t get so much time to talk to Cypress.. I didn’t get the option agreement either today.. Frustrating about that.. I just want it to get done. I have never had more at my plate than now then at work. I feel pushed to have so God damn much.. I am not able to focus post work. I think so much about it. Not able to connect off. It’s so frustrating.. 🙁 I need a break..

I am want to get so much done this next month so I can connect off and relax.. I am looking forward to the future. I am. I want to relax. I want to work for me and myself. I want to be free. Be myself. Enjoy life. Be with Cypress. Spend time for myself and with the persons that I love. Nothing else. I don’t want to rent out my life for hours just so I can get paid.. I want to get paid by doing some I love. I know what I love. I want to refocus myself and go that direction. I am ready for a change.. I am tired.. I want to move forward and do things for me and for the persons I love

JED Cypress.

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