Happy new year! Today is the last day of 2019 and I want to use this blog post as review and reflection of this year.

Start of the year me and Cypress were in “turmoil”. It was a hard start of 2019, but outside of my relationship with Cypress at that time – things were going generally well. I started an E-Commerce and I got my first clients (A coworker was leaving the company).

Over time, me and Cypress got better – but work was going worse. I found it boring & I didn’t feel intellectually challenged. I drinked much alcohol at the start of the year, every weekend normally. My dad got cancer and my cat passed away which I had since I was a kid.

However, over time. I stopped drinking – I feel a lot better, and I really picked up working out. I always have worked out – but the last months it’s “dead serious” for example a ran a half-marathon. Life was going good basically – and still are. I was at my first wedding this year – which was a new experience.

My dad got healthy and I went to Gran Canaria with a buddy of mine. That was good news. Me and Cypress have also met up more than one time this year – and each time it has brought us closer in some way, even though Italy wasn’t the best trip. Work also got a lot better. We also had another “down period” this year, but eventually it worked out quite well.

A lot so far isn’t “timely” right – I have basically just rambled so far about what I have done and events that have affected me. Also, it’s a lot more I could mention.

To reflection over this, I have to say … I have grown like hell this year. From being a “stud” to eventually getting closer to be a “southern gentleman” :P. It’s been a big change this year – and I cannot in life remember that I have felt better. I like where I am going but also whom I going with (Cypress, family, friends). I thank all the people around me, but most of all Cypress. Thank you for staying with me – JED.

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