22th – Progression in life

A tree symbolizing progression in life.

For the 22th post, I write about progression in life. I write about my goals for this year and how I have improved as an individual.

At the start of this year, I set myself goals that I wanted to achieve for myself. They span from personal development to my relationship with Cypress.

I’ve always been concerned about money. Money makes life happens and will get you a long way ahead in your future. So, my first goal was to save 200 000 NOK (22 K USD). That ment I had to take a big chunk of my paycheck (Nearly half of it) and put away. I was able to do that. The reason why I wanted to save this amount of money is because next year I am planning with Cypress to move in together (Finally!). Anything excess of this amount is just a bonus. I will still continue to save money. To be able to save money is about dedication and being disciplined. I proved to myself that I am disciplined in this area. That makes me proud of myself.

I have always worked out. I love it. But the results have varied. That’s not that weird given I started focusing on ‘powerlifting’ rather than being fit, which essentially made me fatter. I didn’t like the excess of fat on my body. It’s dangerous and harms your body but it also just looks ‘not good’ in my eyes. I take a great pride of working out and I wanted to lose this excess of fat. I’ve started doing cardio 2-3 times a week since may, I finished a half-marathon in september, changed to a high volume program, and I have lost around 10-12 kilos (22 – 26 lbs). I feel lighter and I hace increased my work capacity by eliminating excess fat.

I love Cypress and I want to be with her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Last year was a very turbulent year for us. I have done a lot of things that I regret so I knew that I had to improve to be with her. To even be lucky enough to have her. That process have been painful, a lot of growing and tears. One thing that she have had a zero tolerance for is me looking at other womans. That has been hard to overcome and it has taken much trial and error to be able to not do that. When we were at the “Blue Lagoon” in Iceland – I didn’t look at any womans there, which was a huge improvement for us. I hope she understand that I have put a lot effort in this relationship this year compared to the last year.

All these goals can summarize into three different areas: financial, physical, and relationship. One thing that you maybe have understood so far is that – these goals are continuously. These are not goals that I have achieved and then simply be ‘happy’ with the results. These goals are day in – day out goals that takes time to improve at.

Overall, for this year I am extremely happy with my progression in life. I have become better in all these areas. I am not completely satisfied with my results but I am getting there.

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