25th – Rise and shine

Rise and shine. Monday motivation.

Rise and shine! It’s monday. Monday is my favorite day of the week because a new week is a clean sheet. I only see opportunities and growth. Don’t let the past week ruin this week for you. Do what you forgot to do last week or didn’t have time for.

Sorry for getting excited. I am really looking forward to this week 🙂 On friday I am flying to the US (New Jersey) to visit the love of my life, Cypress, for a weekend. I cannot express how much excited I am to see her again. On friday when I arrieve, we are just going to have a chill day. That’s much needed because I am traveling around 12-14hours that day! On saturday I am meeting her sister and two friends of her. That will be awesome. I haven’t met them before so I am a little bit nervous. Hope they will like me… We are also planning to go ice skating together which is something we as a couple have never done together before, so that will be a new ‘first’ for us. I am looking forward to that. On sunday I am flying home again to Norway and hence I will land on monday morning. Will be a hectic weekend!

In addition to travel to the US, I am going on a tax conferance tomorrow where the topic is about changes in the tax law. I have never been on one before so this is the first conferance I go to related to work. I am excited. Tax law is sexy. I don’t like to pay taxes but I love tax law. It’s super interesting to see how you can ‘tax plan’ to pay less taxes, legally. I am hyped!!

That was very geeky of me. Else, I am not doing anything ‘extra’. It will be a very routine week for me. Where I go in to work and then workout etc. My life isn’t that interesting. That was pretty much it. Later on today, I am planning to workout & talk to Cypress if she has time for me.

Don’t forget, rise and shine. Improve yourself TODAY 🙂

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