15th – Squared up

It’s the weekend! I am so glad. Always nice to sleep long. 🙂 Anyway. So, about yesterday. Me and the person squared up (Read the 14th.) and everything is fine now. What really needs to be done in situations like that is… to say sorry and listen to the other person, but listen seriously. I felt my feelings and how I felt got taken seriously when I heard the apology yesterday, which made the day much better. And also my mood.

But that was yesterday! Today. I have worked – I did something new today. I filed a ‘tax register’ paper for a client (Kickboxing), so that was pretty cool. Else it was a lot of bookeeping. Which is nice I have to say. I like it. Very routine kinda day. But but. After that, I worked out – and as I said couple posts ago, I started on a new progam. It’s more volume based rather than intensity; which not what I am normally used to (I like to lift heavy, but now I lift less weight but with more sets and reps). I have to say it’s very ‘draining’, especially at deadlift. So draining. But I really like it. I like to challenge myself. So far, the program is probably the best one I have done.

After I worked out, I got home – ate dinner & chilled a little bit. Then I went to my ‘cave’ and played Rise of Nations with one of my best friends. That was awesome. We lost the first two times against the toughest, but one the last one. That was so nice!

… And so. The phone rang. Cypress called me. We talked for a short time & it was so pleasent to hear her sweet voice. I miss her. I do. I love her. I do. She is really a fantastic person. The best person that I have met. Jeg er veldig glad i deg :). So, the call was my highlight of the day! It made me feel very good.

After that! I went to talk to dad and mom. Mom is on a vacation, so she call every night and she is coming home on monday. She is missing us basically. Was nice to hear her talk too, I miss my mom. Couldn’t ask for a better one. Same goes for my dad.

That pretty much summarize my day. It’s been a very “routine day” but I love my routine. I like my life. I feel I am only progressing at the moment. I feel emotional stable and happy.

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