The significance of lessons

Life goes thru’ many phases. I have in my life gone thru’ some phases that has been necessary for my personal development. Sometimes you just gotta throw yourself out in it to try.

For example, first two years of high shool I had two different jobs (I hated both). The first year, I worked as a part-time shop assistant at Rimi (Which was a food store which eventually got bought up). The second year, I worked as a part-time shop assistant at a local clothing store in Grimstad.

The time I worked was not wasted, not because of salary – but mainly because I figured out what I don’t want to be in life but also the significance of education. If I didn’t go to college – then those jobs was basically the one I would do. I didn’t want to do that. To be in a store every day, shitty salary, not feel intellectual challenged. So I decided to go to college.

Skip fast college, I was late with jobb applying. I got a job before I was finished but I do regret that I didn’t apply to other jobs later, because I felt that I sort of just have to take that job. I am still at the same job today. I like the work itself – I like accounting. It’s very “me”. But I do have to say, one lesson I have got from working there is that, when you’re young around 25 years old … And are at the stepping stone at your professional career … Please consider the work environment carefully. Are the people at the working place the kinda people you want to be around from 8-4 monday to friday? I am not saying that where I work is toxic, not at all. But the age and the stages where everybody else is – is different than me, so it is sort of hard to have a conversation. I do not have a child for example, yet.

So that was another lesson that I have learned. Consider the people around you. People have so great impact on you and your emotionally well being.

At the same time I have to say, time is limited. Enjoy what you’re doing. If not, then quit. Find someting new.

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