16th – Today has been chill

Today has been very ‘chill’. I woke up, had my breakfest & coffee. Went to workout, which went very good. Then I had taco and I played Rise of Nations with a buddy aaaand then I watched Star Wars with my dad while eating pizza and at last, I was with two of my bestfriends. We were just talking about old times, and we watched Batman. That was very cool. So, my day has been very nice in general – I’ve spent a lot of time with people whom I love and care for. 🙂

Today .. I have felt very good in general. Like, normal. Comfortable I have to say. I did cry at one point today because I was missing my love.. From friday to saturday I dreamed that I quitted my job and moved in with Cypress. She was in school and I remember I made the decision on a tuesday. We were going to move in together that week, but I surprised her – and that was all I can recall from the dream. That was a very very good dream. God I miss her. JED. I do.

So, me and Cypress didn’t really talk all day because she is at a wedding – but I am hoping that we have time for much needed conversations tomorrow. I need her. I need to spend time with her. I really do. Today I felt maybe we have miscommunicated because I said to her that I was going to two of my friends place, but she called me a liar out of nowhere – and continously asked me if I went to Brad or Chads place, when it was Brads place all the time. I even said it 3 times. But, it doesn’t matter. I think she maybe reacted out of jealousy which is not good for either of us. I am sorry if I was unclear of anything or short etc. That sparked that. Just so you know that. I am sorry if I caused you to react that way. It wasn’t my intention. It really suck to be called a liar when you’re not lying. I have to say. But we squared up I think. I hope so. Tomorrow is a new day. I accepted the apology she had too. It’s fine. No problem 🙂

Else.. Tomorrow is the last day with only me, dad, and my little brother at home (Mom is coming on monday). It will be nice to see her again. I miss my mom. 🙂

Tomorrow, my plan is to run and talk to Cypress if she has time for me. I hope she has. I need her.

I am feeling very good! I am. Felt good all day.

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