23th – Weekend, emotions & feelings

Hello weekend!

For the 23th post I will write about my weekend, emotions & feelings. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday! I hope that’s ok.

The weekend finally arrived yesterday. That was needed. I always feel going thru’ the week that the workweek is too long. Like it’s too much time spent at work. Call me lazy, but I am in favor of a 6h workday. I my experience it has increased productivity when I have been on work.

Anyway. Enough of this ‘political nonsense’! So far this weekend, I have played Rise of Nations, worked out, I bought slippers – and for the rest of the day going forward; I will spend my time with Cypress. I am really looking forward to it. It’s much needed.

I am feeling very well. I feel that my head is clear. That my emotions are grounded. I do not feel ‘fuzzy’ or uncertain about anything nor unhappy. This process has been good for me – and I will continue blogging going forward.

I do not have much more to say. I am ready to enjoy my time with Cypress now. Have a good weekend, readers!

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